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Related article: Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 23:26:44 -0400 From: Subject: Adventures with Creative Endeavors 5Adventures with Creative Endeavors by StephaniePart 5: "Stephanie's Promotion" Stephanie had recently been officially promoted to a full-time position working in the office- she thought based largely on her cock sucking skills, which she had demonstrated on her boss, Hannah, during their office party two weeks ago. The how and why of her promotion didn't really matter to her, however. She was just Topless Lolitas thankful for an opportunity to finally quit her dead-end clerical job and make a move to the infinitely more exciting (and pleasurable) job of helping manage a private tranny escort service that frequently, albeit informally, provided her and the rest of her co-workers with all the slutty sex they could ask for. At the time she was offered her promotion- while lying naked on the floor with Hannah and Susan and with all of them basking in the "afterglow" of their impromptu "orgy"- Hannah had left the specific details of her new "position" curiously vague although she imagined that at least part of it would entail providing Hannah with some "personal cocksucking service" from time to time. But beyond that, Stephanie really didn't know what she might be doing that Susan wasn't already doing and, as far as she knew, Susan wasn't leaving the agency. For the last two weeks, she hadn't gone on any dates as she thought it would be best if she focused on finishing up her work at her old job so that she would be free and clear to start working for Hannah without any niggling issues with her old job. She hoped to continue taking clients but Hannah seemed to think that she'd be so "spent" by the end of the day that she probably wouldn't feel up to it. She wasn't quite sure about that but was surprised about Hannah's apparent certainty. It made her wonder just how much sex she was going to be getting every day at the office- and with whom. Her mixture of curiosity Topless Lolitas and excitement kept her preoccupied during most of her non-working hours during the last two weeks of her "job" and she found it hard it to sleep and often had to relieve herself in order to get to sleep. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Stephanie's two weeks were up and she was finally free and clear to start working for Creative Endeavors, Inc. full-time. When she showed up for her first full-time day on the job, she did a lot of the usual things that she had done for all of her previous employers such as filling out tax forms, etc, which consumed most of the morning as she hung out with Susan up at the front desk while a steady procession of other escort workers and clients came in and out of the office. Hannah spent most of her time in her office working on..........something? Stephanie wondered what kind of work she had to do that took hours on end. Around noon, Hannah finally came strolling out of her office and flashed a wide grin towards Stephanie. "Stephanie, I'm going out to lunch and would like you to join me so that we can talk more about what you'll be doing here," she announced. Topless Lolitas I'd enjoy the company as well," she added. "Sure. Sounds great," replied Stephanie. She was glad to be getting out of the office for a little and was eager to finally find out what exactly she would be doing here. "Good. Come on. I'll drive." Hannah drove the two of them to a fancy-looking restaurant a few minutes away. They walked into a dimly lit and very nicely decorated restaurant where Hannah asked the hostess for her "usual table", a private booth located towards the back of the restaurant. After seating themselves at the table, both Hannah opened up their menus and thumbed through them quietly. Finally, Hannah put down her menu and removed her glasses and sat them down on the table. Stephanie glanced over at Hannah and noticed her smiling at her coyly. Stephanie could feel the weight of her stare and she felt herself starting to blush as Hannah's piercing gaze penetrated her until she was so uncomfortable that she decided to break the silence that had enveloped them. "Is everything okay, Hannah?" "Oh yes, darling," Hannah replied, not taking her eyes away from Stephanie. "I was just thinking back to that wonderful cock sucking you gave me back at the office during our party and wishing that I could have you down there again right about now." She licked her lips suggestively towards her. Stephanie felt a little awkward about it because they were in public but was kind of turned on by the thought of sucking her boss' cock right there in the restaurant- assuming that she could get away with it. Fortunately, the tablecloth seemed to be long enough so she decided to go for it. She needed an appetizer anyway, she thought to herself. Wordlessly, she surreptitiously slipped underneath the table and started to crawl towards Hannah when she suddenly heard Hannah start talking to the waitress and telling her that Stephanie had slipped away for a few minutes and asked the waitress to return shortly. Stephanie paused for a minute and waited until the waitress left. Hannah stuck her hand under the table and motioned for her to keep on coming towards her. Stephanie finished crawling to where Hannah was seated and gently reached up into her skirt and started tugging at her panties. Stephanie could see Hannah moving the table cloth around enough to obscure what was going with the lower part of her body. Stephanie finally tugged and pulled Hannah's panties down around her ankles and raised her skirt up a bit so as to allow her gorgeous cock to spring free. Stephanie immediately grabbed her cock and started hungrily sucking her cock as hard and fast as she could because she had no idea when the waitress was going to return and she sure didn't want to pick up any indecency charges and was pretty sure neither was Hannah. Fortunately, it only took a couple of minutes of Stephanie's voracious cock sucking for Hannah to drain her balls into Stephanie's willing mouth. Stephanie kept her luscious lips wrapped around Hannah's cock until every last drop of cream had been drained from it. Although Stephanie could hear some slight panting and see Hannah make some slight movements during her cock sucking, Hannah gave little outward indication of the pleasure she was probably feeling but, of course, couldn't express in such a public venue. As soon as Hannah's cock was drained of all of its "essence", Stephanie started pulling Hannah's panties back up to her knees at which point Hannah reached down and got them the rest of the way back on. Stephanie then gently and quietly eased back out of the tablecloth and reseated herself. Stephanie could see Hannah leaning back with her eyes closed, with a smile on her face, trying to catch her breath. She finally raised herself back into a sitting position and rested her shoulders on the table yawning. Finally, she opened up her eyes again and looked back at Stephanie. "Thanks, Stephanie. I really needed that," she stated, still panting slightly. "My pleasure, boss," replied Stephanie as she reached over and grabbed her complimentary glass of water and took a big sip to help wash down her "appetizer". "I'll need to properly thank you later," Hannah stated, finally starting to catch her breath. "So, what do you think you'll have for lunch," she asked, as though nothing had happened. Stephanie felt so naughty. This was one of the most public places she had ever engaged in sexual activity and she had gotten away with it. She was extremely turned on by it and couldn't stop thinking about it for most of their meal. After they finished up their meal, with little more than perfunctory chit-chat, Hannah finally adopted what Stephanie liked to term her "professional" demeanor. "I've been giving a lot of thought to what I would be having you do since I asked you to come aboard a couple of weeks ago and I think I've come up with some ideas that I'd like to share with you and see what you think," Hannah finally said, after what seemed to be a few moments of internal deliberation. "O.k.," replied Stephanie, beginning to get slightly impatient with waiting to find out what she would be doing at Creative Endeavors, Inc. after sitting around the office all day. "Well, I've got a number of ideas about improving Creative Endeavors, Inc. but just haven't had the time or the staff to really develop them. Now that I have you aboard, I might just be able to have you start to develop and manage them- or at least what you can handle, anyway." "O.k.," repeated Stephanie, anxiously waiting for some more details. "What kind of ideas do you have for the agency that I might be able to help with?" "Well, for starters, I've been thinking of starting something like an orientation program for new escorts, so that our new hires can get a good start, which, of course, will help us maintain our existing clientale and, more importantly, help expand our business. Susan, as you know, currently administers the pre-employment test, which, as you might recall, gives new hires some information about what to expect as an employee of Creative Endeavors, Inc. but it might be better to also have a more thorough and formal session to cover more areas such as sexual health, sexual techniques, self defense, and other aspects of our job that might be important for everybody to learn. Your cock sucking skills, for instance, are second to none and if every one of our escorts could learn your techniques, I'd bet we could double our business in a heartbeat." Stephanie thought it over for a second. She hadn't had much experience with doing presentations but thought that maybe if she had Susan helping, she could do it. "O.k.," she agreed. "If Susan and I could work together, we could come up with something, I'm sure." "Good. We can talk to Susan when we get back to the office about it. I'm sure she'd be willing to help." "Did you have anything else in mind?" "Well, I do have another idea for what I want to do with our agency but I haven't worked out all of the details yet and it may take some time to work out all of the logistics of it," Hannah started. "So far, Creative Endeavors, Inc. has been built around servicing individual clients but I've been thinking about trying to find a way to offer our unique services to groups or organizations. "You mean like contracting out our services," asked Stephanie. "Yes, exactly. For instance, making arrangements to provide businesses and other organizations to provide some of our escorts for their members whenever they come into town for conventions or meetings. After their meetings, many of them, of course have some free time that they might like to spend having fun around town Topless Lolitas and we could work it out with them to provide dates for them while they're here. "That sounds like a very interesting idea," replied Stephanie. "However, I just haven't had any time to develop a proposal for such a thing nor have I had anybody to assist me with developing contacts with businesses or organizations, until now that is," Hannah explained. "Stephanie, would you be interested in working on a project like this? I bet that you can be, how shall I say, quite persuasive? Hannah rested her chin on her hand and smiled seductively at Stephanie, running her tongue around her mouth. Stephanie felt overwhelmed by the thought of such a project but how could she refuse her boss? Besides, she thought it really was a good idea that did have the potential to reap some real profits for the agency . "I think that I can take that on," she finally said. "Good," Hannah replied, pleased by how agreeable Stephanie was to her suggestions. "Those are the only major ideas I've come up with myself so far but I'm more than willing to hear any ideas that you, Susan, or anybody else might have regarding how we can grow the business." "Well, I think we probably ought to be getting back to the office now." Stephanie glanced down at her watch. It appeared that they had been there for nearly two hours by now. Hannah flagged down their waitress who promptly provided them with their bill. Hannah and Stephanie cleaned themselves off with their napkins and proceeded to the cashier, who Hannah promptly paid and they both returned to the office. By the time they arrived back at the office, Stephanie's balls were positively aching. Between the thrill of sucking Hannah's cock back at the restaurant and Hannah's furtive stares and lip-licking, Stephanie desperately felt like she needed to be fucked- with something, anything, by anyone. She thought to herself that she was probably "oozing" her horniness throughout the office when they returned and was surprised that she hadn't creamed her panties yet. Fortunately, for her sanity, Hannah invited her back into her office, which Stephanie figured probably meant that she was going to be "taken care of" somehow. When Hannah locked the door behind them as soon as they walked in, Stephanie knew for sure then that her fears about her balls exploding would be erased- soon. The second they both stepped into Hannah's locked office, Stephanie felt Hannah quickly move in behind her, her body (including her cock) rubbing up against her. She wrapped Stephanie in a loving embrace around her midsection while she began kissing her on her neck and cheek. Stephanie moved her neck around to kiss and tongue Hannah back. Stephanie could then feel Hannah's hand move lower and rub against her still clothed cock. Hannah then gently led Stephanie over to her couch and gently bent her over, pushed her skirt up and began pulling her panties down around her ankles. Stephanie extended her arms so that she support herself on the edge of the couch. She did not offer the slightest bit of resistance to Hannah's advances- as she was so ready and willing to be fucked by Hannah. Stephanie could then feel Hannah begin aggressively licking Stephanie's ass pussy- causing Stephanie to start to moan softly. Hannah withdrew for a couple of minutes and then returned, spreading a copious amount of lube onto her ass pussy Stephanie then felt the tip of Hannah's rock hard cock resting on the entrance of her ass pussy. "Does this seem like a proper way to thank you for your magnificent blow job at lunch," she asked Stephanie, breathlessly. Stephanie was so aroused that she would've signed her soul away to get fucked like she knew she was about to get fucked. "Yes," she replied breathlessly, readying herself for the ass-pounding she knew she was about to welcome. Hannah needed no further invitation and responded by driving her cock right into Stephanie's ass pussy as though she were running a knife through hot butter thanks to Stephanie's now well-developed ass pussy muscles. Stephanie let out Topless Lolitas a series of gasps and moans as Hannah continued pile-driving her cock in and out of her ass pussy. Stephanie's cock swelled and stiffened in response to the massive prostate stimulation she was receiving from Hannah's cock. While continuing to mercilessly fuck Stephanie's ass pussy, Hannah reached her right arm around her and began stroking her cock to the rhythm of her thrusting. Stephanie reached her hands underneath her blouse and bra and tweaked her own nipples to heighten the erotic sensations she was receiving elsewhere on her body. It only took a few minutes for Stephanie to start shooting off her massive load of cream, some of which (unintentionally) landed on the side of Hannah's couch and the rest of it oozed and trickled down her cock and onto Hannah's hand, which remained wrapped tightly around around her cock. Hannah continued her thrusting for another couple minutes before she too began moaning and emptying all of her cream into Stephanie's ass pussy Once she was done, Hannah quietly withdrew her cock and sat down and floor in front of Stephanie, who remained bent over, trying to catch her breath. Hannah licked Stephanie's cream right off of her hand. Stephanie could feel some of Hannah's cream leaking out from her ass pussy and down her thighs. She reach around and scooped off some of Hannah's leaking cream off her with her hand and proceeded to lick it off her hand. After waiting a couple of minutes to catch her breath, Stephanie sat down on the floor in front of Hannah on her knees and they embraced and kissed each other passionately for a few minutes, both letting the afterglow of their orgasm wash over them. Finally, they disentangled from each other and stood up and began replacing their clothes. Hannah went back over to her desk and settled into her chair. Stephanie grabbed a kleenex and wiped her cream off the couch and then sat down on and leaned back on it. Both of them gazed at each other with a look of pleasure and satisfaction. Neither said a word for a few minutes. "That was wonderful, Hannah" exclaimed Stephanie, finally breaking the silence between them. "You were wonderful too, Stephanie," complimented Hannah in reply. "Susan was definitely right about you being as good of a fuck as you are a cocksucker, to be sure," she added. "You definitely have a lot of skills you can teach some of our other escorts." "Susan and I will start working on a training program for our co-workers here, as well as try and figure out a way to deal with your other idea, as well." "Great," exclaimed Hannah. "I have a feeling that you're going to work out just fine here." "I think so too," agreed Stephanie. "I also hope that we get to work together more as well." "Oh, I think we'll be working together Topless Lolitas quite a lot," agreed Hannah, who was once again licking her lips seductively. Just watching her do that made Stephanie shudder with erotic delight. Oh yes, this will definitely work out, she thought privately to herself.
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